Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DIY Water Pond Part Two Sample Images

Things have been hectic with family life and I haven't had any time to shoot any images with my new pond that I created. Sooo rather than keeping anyone that may read this and wonder where the sample images are I decided to look through my files and pick some from some prior ponds I have built over the years. I usually make one or two pond set ups each summer and as the summer progresses I change them around a bit with partial or complete redesigns. Wild Bandtail Pigeons like bigger deeper pools they can almost float in while Chickadees and Juncos seem to prefer smaller shallow ponds with a lot of small rocks to perch on. Quail seem to prefer secluded hidden spots. I'm still playing around with ideas and finding out what works and what doesn't seem to. In any case it is a lot of fun to sit in my blind and watch the birds come in to feed and bathe. What a real privilege to have some time to myself to sit and ponder. I'm lucky to have a wife and family that both supports and enjoys my endeavors. Well enjoy the images and go out and create some of your own.

God's light and love to all of you,


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