Friday, June 6, 2008

DIY Photo Blind (Hide)

The main idea behind blinds is to prevent movement from being seen by whatever creature you are photographing. Because of this there are literally hundreds of different ways that you can go about making blinds. One of the cheapest things I have discovered to use over the years is a large cardboard box. The best kind to use are large appliance boxes that washers and dryers etc. are delivered in. Just walk into most any appliance store and politely ask for a box and they usually will give you one. After getting the box its a simple matter of cutting an opening for your camera lens to stick through. A utility knife or a serrated blade knife will do nicely for this. Just be sure to cut the opening at a comfortable height for your tripod. Next cover up the opening with some gauze,batting or netting. After that it is a good idea to cut an opening slot for your front tripod leg down at the base of the box below the window. This allows the tripod to sit closer to the opening and it is more comfortable for you. I always drive a few wooden stakes down at the corners to hold the blind in place if the wind comes up. Where I live there is a lot of fog so I throw a tarp over the blind at night so i don't return to a soggy pile of cardboard. It helps to throw a little native cover over the blind to break up its outline. Brush, leaves etc. work well for this purpose.

The most comfortable blind I have ever used is my office window. I just cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the widow opening and taped it over the window opening. I then cut a hole for my lens just above the window sill. I set my ground pod on the window sill and shot away at the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that came to my backyard feeders. In wintertime when it is snowing it is great to be able to stay nice and warm while shooting.

Attached today are some quick pictures of a blind I made with a large cardboard box and some pictures of a commercial "Dog House" blind I use. When they are on sale they can be purchased for less than fifty dollars. They can be purchased online from a variety of sources.Cabelas, Bass Pro etc.

Good luck shooting. God's light and love to you,


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