Sunday, June 1, 2008

DIY Product Photography

Hi all.

Recently I had to photograph a number of products for my wife to use in her speech therapy practice. As usual I began looking for a cheap way to do it that would yield professional results. I saw a lot of the products being offered on that auction site but I wasn't all that impressed. What if I wanted to shoot something bigger? Prowling around the Dollar Store. My favorite place. Maybe they should pay me to do this blog!!! I ran across some foam core board. I held a piece up to the light. That Immediately that got my mind to clicking. The DIY foamcore product photography lightbox is the result. Total cost was about eight dollars. It could be done cheaper than that if you make a smaller one or you have some tape and tagboard on hand. From the attached images you can see that the lightbox is just a box constructed out of foamcore with clear packing tape used to hold the seams together. A great Cheapo Depot DIY project.

God's light and love to all,


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