Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Samples from DIY Back Drop

I spent the last few days working with my DIY Back Drop. As with any project it took me awhile to dial in how to best use it. If you look back at my post regarding the back drop some of you may have noticed that I felt that the results I got from it were OK. Hence the need to futz around with it for a few days. My first attempts were done with a yellow plastic table cloth thumb tacked to the background. The results as shown were OK. The back ground was a little too plain for my taste. Too washed out even when I saturated it a bit in Photoshop. Next I tried a little green spray paint on the table cloth. It broke up the flat coloring but the green looked a little too contrived as the patterns were too distinct. The solution was pretty simple. I moved the back drop about five feet further back and I moved my camera position closer to the birds. The end result was it threw the green out of focus for a more pleasing image. I still didn't like the tint of green that I had used. The last and final step was I took off the table cloth and left the raw wood as a background. I got a little brown spray paint and sprayed it loosely all over the back drop. I then moved the back drop back another five feet or so to further throw it out of focus even more. Looking at the final image taken with this set up I finally had an image that I was pleased with. Take a look and see what you think.

God's blessings to all,


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