Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIY Fake Barn Siding/Wooden Table

I am always looking for cheap back drops and props to use in my photography. Also I have always admired those photos of an old wooden table with a bible on it lit by a burning candle. Off to the side there is always a pair of reading glasses or an old fountain pen or some other treasure. In any case I always wanted to create my own version of this iconic image. The problem was I lacked an old wooden table.

While cleaning up the front yard I came across a couple of old wooden pallets that I had been using to keep my firewood off of the ground with. Pallets are fairly easy to get cheaply or even free. I get them free from the local lumber yard as they always seem to have too many of them from all the deliveries they get.

In any case I looked at the pallet and that weathered wood and bingo a table was born. I took a nail puller, a hammer and a crowbar and went to work taking those babies apart. In about ten minutes time I had a nice pile of weathered wood. The next step was simple I lined up all the flat pieces side by side. On top of that I placed two more of the flat pieces from the pallet. Then I took my screw gun. All photographers should have one. (recquired equipment you know) and a bunch of short decking screws and screwed the whole thing together.

Those worn pieces of wood are now perfect to act as an old table or it can be used to replicate the side of an old barn for portraits.

God’s precious light to all,



Anthony said...

Oh. This is a great DIY project, Chris. This is definitely a great use of wooden pallets. And the way it looks in your photos is gorgeous. This made me want to look for some pallets at home and start making a prop for barn-themed photos.

-Anthony Blommel

Doyel akter said...

I found your blog when we were looking, and started my own.
I gave you credit, so hopefully people can use these are a resource we didn't have. Can't wait to read the rest of your posts and see more pics!